All About Joel

Joel is now 5 and we recently put the below video together for one of our events, this gives a little more detail of his story and facts of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It was designed to the music of Fix You by Coldplay.



Our little boy Joel is a typical 3 year old, extremely cute, loveable and cheeky. He enjoys all the usual things, trains, pirates, dinosaurs and spending time playing with friends and big sister. He recently started preschool and is enjoying life blissfully unaware for now of the tough times ahead.

Earlier last year (2014) just before his 3rd birthday Joel was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We are devastated that our beautiful son has a terminal / incurable disease. His only hope is that researchers have a breakthrough in time to save him and the hundreds of other boys that have this terrible disease.

Failing a miracle cure Joel will now follow a predetermined path from this muscle wasting condition. He will lose the use of his legs first needing a wheelchair be adolescence and then other muscles thereafter. Eventually his heart and lungs will fail and we will lose our Joel.

We can not put into words the heartache and devastation Joel’s diagnosis is causing us, being unable to help, mend and protect your child is soul destroying. The only thing we can do is bring Joy to the time he has and show him how much he’s loved everyday. This is why we have decided to set up Joy for Joel.

We want to raise funds for Joel so we can get the equipment he’ll require an depend on, make our home suitable by adaptations so that he can live as mobile and as independently as possible for as long as he can. We also want to contribute to the research and raise awareness of Duchennes and maybe use some to bring a little joy to Joel’s life too.